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Social and business practices


Local Etiquette and Culture

                     Chinese festivals in Hong Kong. These festivals are among the best ways to experience the Chinese culture. There are festivals throughout the year.

Chinese New Year – First lunar month Chinese New Year celebrates the beginning of a new year in lunar calendar. Families clean their home 2-3 days before Chinese New Year. Chinese families gather for their annual reunion dinner on the eve of Chinese New Year. Families and friends visit each other in Chinese New Year. Red packet money (Lai See) is given to the unmarried by the married.

                   Ching Ming Festival – Third lunar month. Chinese families show their respect of their ancestors by visiting their graves during the festival.

                       –The Buddha‘s Birthday – Fourth lunar month. Buddhist worshippers show their devotion by bathing a small Buddha statue

                      – Tuen Ng Festival (Dragon Boat Festival) – Fifth lunar month, Day 5. People watch dragon boats racing and eat rice and-meat dumplings wrapped in                             bamboo leaves, in commemoration of an ancient Chinese poet.

                      – Mid-Autumn Festival – Eighth lunar month, Day. 15 People celebrate harvest time with the biggest and brightest moon of the year, hang lanterns and eat special sweet cakes known as “Moon Cakes”

Chinese customs Traditionally, Chinese consider the color red as a lucky color. Traditionally, the color white is used in funerals or considered inauspicious. Chinese hardly buy a green hat for male married friend. It has the same meaning that his wife commits adultery. Some Chinese avoid the taboo number “four” because it phonetically sounds like “death”

Greeting and dining habits. At mealtimes, Chinese usually use a round table and share the dishes placed at the centre of the table.










Practical Guide

Unattended children

                   Don’t leave children unattended. Always keep your children under safe and proper care. Child neglect is a criminal offence.

Day child care services

                Various forms of day childcare services are provided on a full-day, half-day or sessional basis for children whose cares are unable to take care of them temporarily due to various engagements.

Day childcare services Tel. 2343 2255 website:

Keeping pets.

                   Some buildings may have some restrictions on the keeping of dogs and cats. This issue should be clarified before the start of the tenancy, and a pet consent clause should be included in the tenancy agreement if necessary.

Bribery and corruption.  

                    A person who offers, solicits or accepts bribes commits an offence.

Independent Commission Against Corruption Tel. 2526 6366 

Equal opportunities

                     Discrimination based on sex, disability, marital status, pregnancy, family status or race is unlawful such as; dismissed because you need to take care of your children is Family Status Discrimination, facilities inaccessible to a person with a disability is Disability Discrimination, dismissed because of your pregnancy is Sex discrimination.

Equal Opportunities Commission Tel. 2511 8211

 Identity card

                      According to the Immigration Ordinance, a person shall carry his proof of identity (e.g. identity card) when he has attained the age of 15. The Police may ask a person to show his or her identity card. According to the Registration of Persons Ordinance, any person who without lawful authority or reasonable excuse transfers his identity card to another person or uses or has in his custody or possession an identity card which relates to other person commits an offence. Any person who finds an identity card which does not belong to him or to a member of his family should deliver it to any Registration of Persons office or Police Station.

Shopping bag.

                        To protect the environment, an environmental levy of 50 cents on each plastic shopping bag at the retail level has been introduced, with the first phase covering chain or large supermarkets, convenience stores and personal health and beauty product stores. It is advisable to bring a shopping bag with you at all times.  

Plastic Shopping Bags Levy Scheme Environmental Protection Department Hotline Tel. 2838 3111

Littering and spitting.

                           Anyone who commits such offences as littering, spitting, un authorized display of bills and posters, and fouling of streets by dog faces in public places in Hong Kong shall be liable to a fixed penalty of HK$1,500.

Food and Environmental Hygiene Department 24-hour Hotline 2868 0000

Recycling bins.

                          Three-colored recycling bins are placed to provide convenience to the public and to encourage recycling.

Environmental Protection Department Customer Service Tel. 2838 3111