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The general problem of thai workers

General Problems of Thai workers 

                Over 95 % of Thai workers in Hong Kong are domestic helpers. Their  problems often experienced include,

                1. Labour quality problem such as lack of communication skill in Chinese Cantonese or English with employers, lack of household chores skills, Physical and mental health problems , ignorance of employment law,  intentionally violating the law, problems adapting to job characteristics. The living of Thai workers depends on the conditions of employment and the employer. In the restaurant business or store, employers usually arrange accommodation for employees live together. While the employment of domestic helper provisions of Hong Kong determined that the employee must stay with the employer. Due to residential buildings in Hong Kong are small, some employers provide employee live with family members by share the room or set up a separate room.

                2. Problems related to employment such as the employment agency charges an excess of the service fee from job seekers.  

                3. Problems of employers who do not comply with the law, such as the employers order the employee to work not in accordance with the contract or  the payment of wages is not on time.

                 Most of Thai workers in Hong Kong often meet and carry out activities together on Sunday which is a holiday at Kowloon City; District Kowloon and Wan Chai; Hong Kong Region where is the place has many Thai restaurants and selling many Thai products.