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Labor law

 Labour Rights

           Employees are protected by labor laws in Hong Kong.The Employment Ordinance is the main piece of labor legislation in Hong Kong. It lays down the minimum standards for a comprehensive range of employment protection and benefits for employees. Foreign domestic helpers are covered, too.

Employment Ordinance, Chapter 57

  • Employment Contract
  • Wages • Rest Days 
  • Holidays with Pay 
  • Paid Annual Leave 
  • Sickness Allowance
  • Maternity Protection 
  • Severance Payment
  • Long Service Payment 
  • Employment Protection
  • Termination of Employment Contract
  • Protection Against Anti-Union Discrimination

                Contact: Labour Department Tel: 2717 1771 website:

 Wages of workers

               An employer should pay wages to his worker as soon as practicable, but, in any case not later than 7 days after the end of the wage period or the termination of the employee’s contract. 

Wages of subcontractors’ workers

               in building works If a subcontractor’s worker in building works is owed wages, the principal contractor is liable for the first two months’ unpaid wages. A subcontractor’s worker should serve a written notice to the principal contractor within 60 days after the wages become due.

Work safety

               It is essential to ensure all individuals would operate in working conditions that are free of risk and hazards. 

              – Seek professional assistance to deal with occupational stress.

              – Follow work safety rules.

              – Know the First Aid at workplaces.

              – Smoke only where permitted.

              – Make good use of tools and aids.

              – Avoid walking on wet floor.

              – Special care and attention should be paid to work safety, especially when wearing traditional dresses.


              Occupational Health Clinic 2343 7133 (Kwun Tong) 3543 5701 (Fanling)

              Occupational Safety and Health Complaint Tel. 2542 2172

              Occupational Safety and Health Enquiry Tel 2559 2297

 Keeping of employment records.

              Before accepting an employment offer, an employee should know the identity of the employer, fully understand the employment terms and agree with them. An employee should keep his/her employment records, which will help safeguard his/her employment rights. The employment records are useful for safeguarding your employment rights. They can help support your employment claims if there is any dispute between you and your employer.

 Job selection

              It is not advisable to take up dangerous jobs such as construction work, operation of heavy machinery and handling of chemical, unless trained or experienced in such jobs.

 General and statutory holidays

           ★ Every Sunday

           ★ The first day of January

           ★Lunar New Year’s Day

           ★The second day of Lunar New Year

           ★ The third day of Lunar New Year

           ★ Ching Ming Festival

           ★ Good Friday

           ★ The day following Good Friday

           ★ Easter Monday

           ★ Labour Day

           ★ The Buddha’s Birthday

           ★ Tuen Ng Festival

           ★ Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day

           ★ The day following the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival

           ★ National Day

           ★ ChungYeung Festival

            ★ Chinese Winter Solstice Festival or Christmas Day (at the option of the  


            ★ The first weekday

 Notes: ★ General holidaysวันหยุดทั่วไป  ★ Statutory holidays