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Role & Responsibility The Office of the Permanent Secretary of Labour


The Office of the Permanent Secretary of Labour

                The Office of the Permanent Secretary of Labour has its functions in relation to the development of strategies, the translation of Ministerial policies into action plans, the allocation of resources and the administration of routine Ministerial functions with a view to meet the goals and achieve results effectively. It has the following powers and duties. 

                1. To study, analyse and prepare information in support of formulating policies, setting goals and specifying results.

                2. To develop Ministerial administrative strategies.

                3. To translate policies into guidelines and action plans.

                4. To allocate and manage Ministerial resources with a view to economization, and utilization and meeting the demands.

                5. To supervise, accelerate, monitor and evaluate as well as coordinate the work of agencies under the Ministry.

                6. To develop an information technology system with a view to utilizing the administrative work and services of agencies under the Ministry.

                7. To take charge of public relations work, international relations work and to update relevant legislation.

                8. To carry out activities in relation to the development of minimum wage and income system.

                9. To conduct research and development on labour issues.

              10. To carry out activities in relation to the governmental inspection by Ministerial Inspector- Generals and the handling of complaints lodged within the                                   Ministry’s authority.

The Royal Consulate-General (Labour Section), Hong Kong

                 The Royal Consulate-General (Labour Section), Hong Kong has the following powers and duties are;

                 1. Provide protection and maintain benefits for Thai workers e.g. 

                     1.1 Care and protection of Thai workers according to the Recruitment and

                           Job Seekers Protection Act (NO.2), B.E.2528 (1985) and other relevant laws; 

                     1.2 Check the employment contract of Thai workers in order that they will be able to receive overtime wages and fair benefits.

                     1.3  Monitor the facilities and living conditions of Thai workers.                   

                     1.4 Receive labour complaints on various channels and Acting in labour relations in mediation negotiations on the issue disputes                                                                             between employers and Thai workers. As well as representatives of Thai workers in various lawsuits,or exploited Thai workers rights.

                     1.5  Proceed to send Thai workers back to country in cases sickness or illegal arrest and exile.

                     1.6  Coordinate and provide emergency accommodation to Thai workers in Hong Kong  that the employer has to leave the job                                                                                     suddenly or resign themselves  and are in the process of returning to home.

                      1.7 Provide labour law consulting  services includes working problem in Hong Kong, Macau and Commonwealth of the Northern                                                                               Mariana Islands.      

                      1.8 Visit Thai workers in prison, hospital or detention centre.

                      1.9 Coordinate agencies involved, both public and private for Thai workers access to basic benefits in general.                   

                  2. Promote the employment market for Thai workers to work in Hong Kong Macau and Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.

                      2.1 Consult to employment agency or employer for hiring Thai working

                      2.2 Coordinate with local recruitment companies and survey establishments like restaurants, know the labour requirements of  employers.               

                  3. Coordinate, analyse, report labour situation, employment information, employment scenarios, and the effect on Thai workers employment.                         

                  4. Assign Thai labour volunteer team in Hong Kong, Macau and Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands in order to visit Thai workers, share                                      information, encourage and give initial advice to new Thai workers in Hong Kong, Macau and Commonwealth of  the Northern Mariana Islands.

                  5. Being a teaching centre According to the Office of the Non-Formal and Informal Education: NFE. curriculum of the Ministry of                                                                          Education for Primary school Lower and upper secondary school.

                  6. Being a special education service centre for Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University (STOU in Hong Kong e.g.  student                                                                                      registration, delivery of  related documents, arrange for exams and coordinate between the university and students.

                   7. Conduct activities/projects to promote quality of life for Thai labour in various fields such as training of knowledge of labour law.                                                                       Cantonese Language training, using computers, Chef’s elevate programme such as the course of Thai cooking, arrange annual National Labour Day,                                     etc.

                   8. Support and participate in activities with Thai communities in Hong Kong and Macau such as King or Queen Birthday Celebration and Various festivals.

                   9. The mission assigned by the Royal Thai Consulate General in Hong Kong  as CEO, e.g. track Thais lost , help Thai people  those who  have been                                              arrested. (By police /  immigration officers), by visiting and inform to relatives if they wish.

                 10. Coordinate international cooperation with relevant agencies both public and private sectors to create a good image for Thai workers and modify                                           problems including prevent dispute.