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History of Royal Thai Consulate General (Labor Section) in Hong Kong

                      Royal Thai Consulate General (Labor Section) in Hong Kong was established in 1991. Thai Labour Department assigned Mrs. Suriya Pilatlak managed The Thai Labour Section and then The Office of the Civil Service Commission(OCSC) has set a new structure according to the Royal decree on the Reorganization of Department of Skill Development (The letter of the OCSC no. 0707.4.1 / 658 on 22 April 1993) Department of Skill Development appointed the government officer to hold positions according to the defined new structure. According to Department of Skill Development Decree no.330/1993 on 1 June 1993 and memorandum no.1601.2 / W 15017 on 3 June 1993, appointed Mrs. Suriya Pilatlak (Head of Labor Section in Hong Kong) as Consul (Labor Department) (Level 7) and Mr. Jaru ManeeLok as Vice Consul ( Labor Department (Level 6) since May 5,1993 And later, when Reorganization of Ministry, Sub-Ministry, and Department Act, B.E. 2002 established Ministry of Labour, The office of foreign labor affairs is under Office of Permanent Secretary. The Labour Office in Hong Kong is located on the 18th floor Bangkok Bank Building , Des Voeux Road in Central District. On 1 August 1995, the Labour Office relocated to the 22nd floor, Room 2202, Bangkok Bank Building, No. 14 – 20, Bonham Strand West Road, Sheung Wan District to the present.

List of the head of the office between 1993 to the present

1. Mrs. Suriya                 


1991 -1995

2. Mr. Thavorn


1995 -1997

3. Mrs. Wiyada


1997 – 2000

4. Mr. Saritdidet


2000- 2003

5. Mrs. Wannaporn


2003- 2006

6. Mrs. Jongjitr


2006- 2009

7. Mrs. Pensri


2009- 2012

8. Mr. Wittawat


2012- 2015

9. Mrs. Jarunee


2015- 2018

10. Mrs. Ratchaneegorn


2018 – the present