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Trends and opportunities of thai workers

Trend and opportunity of Thai workers

                   Since Hong Kong authorities have strict policies about imported foreign workers. Therefore, the career field that the Hong Kong labour market needs and Thai workers can go to work in Hong Kong  are the careers in the service sector, including

                   (1) Cooking staff, which can be hired according to the quota of Hong Kong Immigration Department. Which is the average monthly wage of 16,000 Hong Kong dollars. Employers provide accommodation, meals, medical expenses and more. Who will enter and work must have at least 2 years of work experience and have a certificate of completion.  Able to communicate in Cantonese, English, or Mandarin.

                   (2) Masseuse spa, which establishments often require Thai workers who have been allowed in Hong Kong permanently. Which is the average monthly wage of 15,000 Hong Kong dollars. employers provide accommodation, meals, medical and others. The seekers must have the experience and have a certificate of completion, have good character and can communicate with Cantonese or Mandarin.

                   (3) Domestic helper, All of FDH Contract signed on or after 1 October 2021, Employers are required to pay a minimum wage of HKD 4,630 per month and food allowance of at HKD. 1,173 per month, statistics from Hong Kong Immigration Department can be seen that the number of Thai migrant workers has decreased respectively. Although Hong Kong will import more foreign domestic helpers. And Hong Kong labour market will need a lot of Thai foreign domestic helpers. Since most Thai domestic helpers are skilled in cooking, have good-natured and learn Cantonese quickly. The employment agencies informed that they cannot seek Thai workers enough for Hong Kong employers’ needs.