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Thai labor market

Thai Labour Market

          Currently, Hong Kong government policy are open for skilled foreign workers. For position of domestic helpers, Hong Kong government provides an opportunity for employers to hire them freely. but domestic helpers are not enough for Hong Kong employer’s need, therefore; Hong Kong employment agencies import domestic helpers from Philippines and Indonesia where have more people. Expanding Thai labour market in Hong Kong may consider to proceed as follows:

         (1) Publicize the advantages and potential of the Hong Kong labour market for supporting Thai domestic helpers.

         (2) Collect the list of potential Thai recruitment companies and reliable in the delivery of Thai domestic helpers to the labour office in Hong Kong to coordinate and inform employment agencies in Hong Kong.

         (3) Joint conference between Thai recruitment companies and agencies in Hong Kong to give an opportunity to exchange useful information to expand the Thai labour market.

         (4) Organize an intensive training course on caring for the elderly . Massage for health and cooking, focus on trainees with knowledge and expertise, can actually work by issuing a certificate to certify people who pass the skill test. In order to upgrade the skills of Thai domestic helpers to be superior and be able to receive higher wages.